FeSi Laminate Core

Cores-FeSi Laminate Core

FeSi Laminate Core is essential components used in transformer manufacturing, composed of FeSi (iron-silicon) laminations. These laminations are stacked together to form the core structure, enabling efficient magnetic flux distribution and minimizing energy loss. FeSi Laminate Cores exhibit excellent magnetic properties, making them ideal for transformers requiring high efficiency and reliability. They are widely employed in various applications such as power distribution, renewable energy systems, and industrial machinery, where optimal performance is essential.

Laminate Core-1
Laminate Core-2


The Tape Wound Core is constructed by winding one long continuous silicon steel tape tightly into a spiral.
Fabricated by machines which wind silicon steel tape onto a mandrel under controlled tension to provide an extremely uniform cross-section, then annealed in a controlled atmosphere of  hydrogen/nitrogen


Lighter weight 
High flux densities 
High pulse permeability 
High operating frequency 
Full magnetic utilisation 
Reduced core noise 
Low assembly costs 
Customized size or shape